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Often the first part of a building to show its age is the roof. But all too often the roof is also out of sight out of mind until it begins to leak. Leaks can often be repaired but eventually a new roof will be required. If your existing roof is metal, hire a metal roofing expert!  Knowing how a metal roof works is the key to ensuring you have a successful long lasting roof system. Many roofing companies will recommend installing a rubber or bitumen overlay. Membrane solutions such as rubber or bitumen do not offer the same longevity as engineered steel roofing options.

Specialized services for re-roofing

At Bel-Con, we approach re-roofing differently, utilizing carefully developed metal roofing products and systems provided by Butler Manufacturing. Butler’s standing seam re-roof solution provides an opportunity to improve upon the overall insulation level of a building as well as its appearance. These systems can be applied over many existing flat roof systems (membrane roofs, tar & gravel, etc.) or sloped pre-engineered metal roofs.  

Choosing the right re-roofing solution

Each project requires analysis and the installation of an appropriate solution.  Bel-Con has extensive experience in a diverse range of re-roofing projects as well as meeting specific customer needs.

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