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A brief history of Bel-Con

Bel-Con was started in 1973 by Bill White and Barry Brown as a full service construction company, offering true design-build services at a time when few were doing so.  Over the next 32 years, it successfully provided design-build, project/construction management and pre-engineered metal roofing services to numerous industrial, commercial & institutional clients, carrying out projects that varied widely in both size and complexity. 

In 2006 and due to the retirement of one of its founders, Bel-Con’s operations were taken over by long-time employees Tom Gunsinger & Michelle Stephens. Tom and Michelle share a keen interest in preserving Bel-Con’s strong, long-standing reputation and do so not only by prioritizing quality & service for our customers, but also by promoting an internal corporate culture of integrity, teamwork, efficiency & effectiveness amongst our team.