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Bel-Con's Greatest Social Media Hits - 2017

Bel-Con's Greatest Social Media Hits - 2017

January 26, 2018

January is most often a season when people plan and look ahead to the coming year. And while we've certainly been doing that ourselves, we thought it might also be a good time to look back and reflect on all that happened in 2017. So here it is, some of our key moments on social media from last year.


We're always interested in supporting worthy causes and last year we joined in on the conversation of Bell Let's Talk. Naturally, many of you responded as well and as a result, 2017 was a record year for fundraising for this mental health awareness program. If you haven't checked it out, you can learn more about the issue and how you can take action at work by reading our post about Bell Let's Talk


Tom presents a cheque on behalf of the winners of Bel-Con's Charity Fishing Tournament.

Our first Charity Fishing Tournament gave folks a fun excuse to get out and do something they'd probably do anyway while giving to others. What's more, it helped Tom fulfill a lifelong dream of being able to present a GIANT cheque to someone. And who wouldn't want that? You can see the results plus photos of the winning fish in our news story

We also celebrated Michelle's appointment to Butler's Builder Advisory Council which was a well-deserved honour.


In March, with International Women's Day events taking place, we put the focus on Women in Construction by sharing some articles about trends and programs aimed at recruiting more women into the trades. We definitely believe there is room for more women in our industry, so you can expect to see more content on these opportunities on our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.


The arrival of spring last year saw us announce the timely completion of the new Bay of Quinte Golf and Country Club Pro Shop. It was welcome news for golfers as we put the finishing touches on their new facility just in time for golf season. Check out details and photos of the Pro Shop in our project gallery

A no less important announcement (at least to us) was our being named Butler's Outstanding Builder of the Year for the Canadian Region. Tom was thrilled and a little surprised when he took the stage to accept the award at last year's Butler Sales Meeting. You can learn more about this award and why we got it in this news story.


Michelle Stephens updates City of Belleville about Grace Inn Shelter project.

One of the projects we've become involved in recently has been with a local initiative to bring a homeless shelter to the City of Belleville. While we wish such a service wasn't necessary, we recognize that the need is there and have been volunteering our time on the board. Last May Michelle presented an update to city council on the progress for Grace Inn Shelter. You'll hear more about this from us in the coming months and you can learn more about Grace Inn and the project at their website


Both Tom and site supervisor Bernie Walsh were pleased to join Barb Tait for the plaque dedication commemorating the completion of our project for SafeStart. This project utilized many key building systems from Butler Manufacturing and was featured on the cover of Building Profit magazine and in Metal Construction News.  


Naturally, with Canada150 celebrations taking place, we chose to share some great construction projects from Canada's past. And while we're not as old as Canada itself, we do have some history. We got more than a few people guessing as to the date of a snapshot of our old vehicle fleet.


While we were hard at work on various projects throughout the summer, we took an opportunity to share some older work for clients such as McCloskey International in Peterborough and Cam Tran in Colborne. Possibly something about the scope and scale of those projects resonated with folks as these projects managed to get a fair bit of exposure online.


One of the most important services we provide is re-roofing of commercial and industrial facilities. As September rolled around our various posts which featured the benefits of Butler's MR-24 roofing systems caught many people's eye. And of course, our series on roofing issues was well read. You can dig in to that by starting with our first blog post in that series. 


In October we shared a number of posts around Manufacturing Month including various projects we've completed over the years for area manufacturers. What's more, it seems like everybody loves a winner and our focus on client winners at the Quinte Business Achievement Awards was a big smash on social media. 


We work hard, so naturally we like to play hard too! Each year we look forward to our Bel-Con Bon Spiel. It's a great chance to enjoy a little friendly competition, be sure to join us this fall for another action-packed weekend of curling!

The biggest change to our business in 2017 came late in the year when we completed the move into our new location. We'd been planning the move for more than six months, and when it finally came, it happened so quickly. We're now settled in our space at the north end of the city. Read why we chose to make the BIG move


We ended our year by helping to shine a light on our new neighbours, quite literally in fact, by hosting our Inaugural Tree Decorating Challenge. There was some stiff, yet friendly competition from folks who took up the challenge in exchange for bragging rights and a donation made in their name to Christmas Sharing. Find out more, including results in our news story

More Fun in 2018

Of course, we have plenty of projects on the go, and more in the pipeline. And we look forward to continuing to share the FUN we have with others as well as the worthy causes and events we support that make our community a fantastic place to live and work. If you're on social media, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up to date.