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Let's talk about Mental Health

Let's talk about Mental Health

January 13, 2017

Let's all do our part to promote awareness and action on mental health in Canada.

(Updated for 2022)

Join the conversation on January 26 for Bell Let's Talk Day!

Since September 2010 millions of Canadians, including leading personalities, have engaged in an open discussion about mental illness, offering new ideas and hope for those who struggle, with numbers growing every year.

If you think mental health issues only affect a few people, consider the impact mental health can have in the workplace.

  • 1 in 5 - number of Canadians who will experience a mental health problem or illness this year
  • 30% of disability claims related to mental health
  • 10 - 25% of disability costs employers could avoid by taking action
  • 198 billion - amount of money lost productivity could cost Canadians businesses over the next 30 years

Many of these costs can be avoided by ensuring a mentally healthy workplace. The Mental Health Commission of Canada has the tools and resources to help businesses do that. You can get started by downloading this pdf with advice for the workplace. And that's not all! You can also participate in this year's Bell Let's Talk Day.

For every text, call, tweet, Instagram post, Facebook video view and Snapchat geofilter used on Bell Let’s Talk Day on January 26th, Bell will donate 5¢ more to mental health initiatives across Canada.

Since its beginning this program has had a tremendous impact.

Bell Let's Talk Day Statistics from 2022

Let’s beat the 2020 record for Bell Let’s Talk Day participation! Remember, every interaction on Bell Let’s Talk Day counts.