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Let's talk about Mental Health

Let's talk about Mental Health

January 16, 2024

Let's all do our part to promote awareness and action on mental health in Canada.

(Updated for 2024)

1 in 8 people have experienced high levels of anxiety. Let's create real change on Bell Let's Talk Day.

Since 2010, Bell Let’s Talk has partnered with more than 1,500 organizations who have supported 6,491,430 Canadians with access to mental health services.

Workplaces can have a significant impact on mental health, both positively and negatively. While they can provide a sense of productivity and contribute to employee wellbeing, they can also be a source of stress and contribute to mental health problems. It is crucial to address these issues, as most adults spend the majority of their time at work.

In Canada, 70% of employees are concerned about the psychological health and safety of their workplace, and 14% do not believe their workplace is healthy or safe at all. This not only takes a personal toll but also has staggering economic costs, with mental health problems and illnesses accounting for 30% of disability claims and costing the Canadian economy over $50 billion annually. In 2011, employers lost over $6 billion in productivity due to mental health issues among working adults.

If you think mental health issues only affect a few people, consider the impact mental health can have in the workplace.

  • More than 200 Canadians will attempt suicide everyday; twelve will die
  • 1 in 2 Canadians struggling with mental health issues aren’t receiving the help they need
  • 1 in 8 people have struggled with severe anxiety
  • $198 billion - amount of money lost productivity could cost Canadians businesses over the next 30 years

Many of these costs can be avoided by ensuring a mentally healthy workplace. The Mental Health Commission of Canada has the tools and resources to help businesses do that. Visit the MHCC website to learn more about The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

And that's not all! You can also participate in this year's Bell Let's Talk Day.

On Bell Let's Talk Day, help create real change.

  • Choose a mental health organization to learn about or support
  • Help a friend struggling with their mental health by learning how to support them
  • Ask about how your school, workplace or community is creating change for mental health
  • Nurture your own well-being by practicing and learning mental health strategies
  • Get involved in a mental health initiative or organize an event to support mental health
  • Engage in conversations about mental health to fight stigma

Since its beginning this program has had a tremendous impact.

Anti Stigma: One of the biggest hurdles for anyone struggling with mental illness is overcoming the stigma attached to it. Talking is an important first step towards lasting change.
Research holds the greatest promise to better understand treatments and solutions. Bell is investing in best-in-class research programs with the potential to have a transformative impact on the mental health and well-being of Canadians.
Bell funds organizations large and small throughout Canada, including grassroots agencies, hospitals and post-secondary institutions, to provide Canadians with mental health supports and services.
One in three workplace disability claims in Canada are related to mental illnesses. Bell is committed to leading by example in our own workplace.

On January 24th, join the conversation. #BellLetsTalk