VSR II™ Architectural Roof System

The VSR II™ architectural roof system is a versatile structural standing-seam roof system designed exclusively for architectural applications with roof slopes of 1/4”:12” and greater.

Illustration of roofing system

Features And Benefits

  • Accommodates complex roof geometries and simplifies flashing designs
  • Can be used in continuous roof-to-fascia design treatments
  • Panels are available in 16” widths and are manufactured from 24-gauge steel
  • Features a 2” rib height
  • Minor longitudinal flutes provide pleasing appearance
  • All colors are cool roof fluoropolymer formulations, with an SRI of 29 or greater
  • Concealed movable clips anchor roof panels for spans up to 50’
  • Allows up to 2” of thermal movement to reduce wear and tear
  • Factory-installed sealant on roof clips and panels provides extra protection against leaks
  • UL Class 90 wind uplift rating, U.S. Army Corps-tested and FM Global available
  • Available weathertightness warranties of up to 25 years
  • Can be used with blanket or rigid insulation options as well as the ThermaLiner™ insulation system

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