Slope Buildup Re-Roof System

The Butler® reroof systems are affordable options for replacing a leaky roof with a long-term weathertight solution.

The Butler® Slope Build-Up System is a versatile retrofit structural framing solution designed to create slope and enable the efficient installation of Butler exclusive standing seam roof systems over any existing roof.

Flat roofs often leak. Water ponds and collects on the roof putting the contents of your building at risk. A Slope Build-Up Retrofit System by Butler Manufacturing™ is engineered to withstand the
toughest weather conditions and meet every building code. A Slope Build-up System can  permanently add slopes up to 30 degrees (7” to 12”) on your roof, more than enough for most buildings to quickly shed damaging ponding water.

The Slope Build-Up System is suitable for both Low Slope and High Slope applications.

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