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TBS™ Insulation System

The TBS™ insulation system allows for the use of additional blanket insulation to meet stringent energy code requirements.

Illustration of TBS™ Insulation System

As newer energy codes are adopted, buildings will be required to have high effective R-value roof insulation systems and Butler's innovative Thermal Bridge System (TBS™) meets those needs. The TBS™ insulation system, by Butler Manufacturing™ allows for the use of additional blanket insulation to meet stringent energy code requirements and can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to install other insulation systems.

Exceed Energy Codes With Proven Results

The TBS™ insulation system provides tested thermal performance options with U-factors from 0.035 to 0.029 or effective R-values in the range of R-28.5 to R-34.4.

Achieve Installation Efficiencies That Reduce Cost

Installation of the TBS™ insulation system is noticeably faster than installation times for other industry standard systems. The new 4’ channel and bracket solution keeps all the insulation system above the purlin, including your vapour barrier, making it a quicker and simpler process.

Provides An Aesthetic Look With Above The Purlin System

The insulation system is installed above the purlin, with no support banding, and does not interfere with purlin bracing or framing members. This allows the faced insulation to drape naturally as compared to other insulation systems, resulting in an improved appearance inside the building. Additionally, with the purlins left exposed, there is no need to puncture the vapor retarder to fit around the flange braces, ceiling, lighting, conduit or sprinklers. Therefore, the vapor retarder integrity is maintained providing an optimal solution. This feature is critical to the long term performance of your roof system!

Works With Multiple Structural Members

The TBS™ insulation system is installed easily on either a Z-Purlin or a Truss PurlinXT™. Factory assembled and punched channel and bracket members ensure modularity and allow for roof movement with the MR-24® roof system.

Features & Benefits

  • Installed from the top, TBS™ eliminates the need for bands and reduces installation time and cost
  • Installs with various Butler structural members to accommodate different building designs
  • Meets IECC 2015 codes with tested U-Factors as low as 0.029
  • Roof structurals are accessible as a result of above the purlin system installation
  • Unique design offers improved interior finish
  • Maintains vapor retarder integrity

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