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Bel-Con Co-Founder Bill White Passes Away at 82
Bel-Con co-founder William (Bill) White (1941 - 2024)

Bel-Con Co-Founder Bill White Passes Away at 82

May 16, 2024

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of Bel-Con’s founders, William (Bill) White, on May 14th, 2024, after a long, courageous and hard-fought battle with cancer.

Bill’s positive and energetic character was foundational to the growth of Bel-Con, and his ongoing encouragement and wisdom keys to our continued success.

belleville ontario city hall renovation by bel-con, design by bill white
Belleville City Hall

Founding Bel-Con Engineering along with Barry Brown in 1973, Bill White was a graduate of Queen’s Engineering and would later receive his Architect designation as well. Together, and over the next 35 years, this dynamic duo would design, restore, renovate & build commercial & industrial buildings all over South-Eastern Ontario, at a time when “design-build” was a fairly new concept. In 1988, Bel-Con was awarded the Belleville City Hall restoration project, a design which would prove to be one of Bill’s crowning career achievements and one for which he received many accolades; top of the list was the prestigious Landmark Designation Award from the Ontario Association of Architects (other recipients of this award include the Ontario Science Centre and McMaster University Health Sciences Centre).

Read more about the City Hall project and the Landmark Award here:

Bill had a passion for reviving old buildings and creating new ones alike. His extensive education and training as both an Engineer and an Architect, along with his creative brilliance in design resulted in many innovative and contemporary Bel-Con projects over the years.

To quote Bill, “The best buildings combine art, architecture, engineering and construction into a single unified whole, all of which must be in balance and harmony with no demarcation lines between them.”

Belleville Chamber of Commerce Founder's Award presentation, May 12, 2023. L to R: Jill Raycroft, Barry Brown, Bill White, Dale Hoard
Belleville Chamber of Commerce Founder's Award presentation, May 12, 2023. L to R: Jill Raycroft, Barry Brown, Bill White, Dale Hoard

In 2023, at the President’s Dinner and Cornerstone Awards, Bill and Barry were acknowledged by the Belleville Chamber of Commerce with the Founder Award.  “The Founder Award is presented to a Chamber member who has built a business from its beginning or expanded an existing business that enhances the reputation of Belleville as a place where business can come to grow.”

As long-time residents of Belleville and the Quinte Area, Bill and Barry were active in not only the business community but in giving back and contributing their time and resources to developing this area and making it a better place to live and work for everyone.

Patricia and Bill White
Patricia and Bill White

To focus only on his career would be a disservice to Bill.  As a person he was always a warm, hugely optimistic person with boundless energy.  His smile was genuine and his love of nature and preserving our earth was always at the forefront of his life.  Without a doubt, however, the greatest joy in his life came from the love of his life, his wife Patricia.  Bill never missed an opportunity to sing Pat’s praises and loved to talk about her creative talent as an artist, but also how he held her in high regard as the “brains behind the operation”.  Their unwavering support and love for each other was evident to all who knew them, and combined with their many accomplishments together, they are a shining example of commitment, perseverance and devotion.

We cannot express how sad Bill’s passing is to all of his Bel-Con family.  And we use the word family, because this is how he treated all of us and also how we think of Bill.  As one person best described his passing: "Some positivity left this world today."  Thanks for everything Bill.  You are gone but will never be forgotten.

William (Bill) Russell White, P.Eng, OAA
August 17, 1941 - May 14, 2024