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Bel-Con's Founders Awarded
Belleville Chamber of Commerce Founder's Award presentation, May 12, 2023. L to R: Jill Raycroft, Barry Brown, Bill White, Dale Hoard

Bel-Con's Founders Awarded

May 15, 2023

We were thrilled to take part in this year’s Belleville Chamber of Commerce President’s Dinner, and not just for the great food, good company, and its Roaring 20’s theme.

The highlight of the evening for us was when Bel-Con’s founders, Barry Brown and Bill White, were presented with the Chamber’s Founder Award. The award is part of the Chamber’s Cornerstone Awards program, which was launched in 2018 to honour the people behind Belleville businesses and to share their stories. In doing so, the Chamber wishes to ensure the history of our community isn’t lost, and also to serve as an inspiration to others.

bel-con staff and founders dressed in roaring twenties costumes
L to R: Bill & Pat White, Laurel & Barry Brown, Michelle Stephens, Tammy-Lee & Tom Gunsinger, Dean & Jennifer Tindale

Coinciding with Bel-Con’s 50th anniversary, we can think of no better tribute than for Barry and Bill to be recognized with such an honour from our business community.

Along with their better halves, Tom, Michelle, and Dean were delighted to mark and celebrate this occasion with Bill and Patricia (Pat), and Barry and Laurel. Congratulations to both our founders for bringing their vision to life and setting the stage for 50 successful years (so far!) in Belleville and South Eastern Ontario!

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