Energy Saving Systems

Operating a building can be expensive and most of the ongoing cost is related to energy consumption. When 90% of a building's overall cost is incurred AFTER it's built, we think it's important to consider the Total Building Operating Cost at the beginning of a project. By using the most energy-efficient design and building materials, we can reduce your operating costs for long-term savings.


As a Butler Builder®, we have a deep understanding of the value of sustainable buildings, both for the financial well-being of your operation and for the overall health of the environment. We choose materials for their inherent ability to keep heat and cold where they belong, efficiently and cost-effectively. We consider operating costs at all phases of the design and building process, ensuring that your completed facility will perform at peak efficiency for years to come. Learn more about Total Building Operating Cost.

From heating and ventilation systems to lighting and maintenance, a Butler Building from Bel-Con will reduce your operating costs while maintaining a livable place for our children and grandchildren. 

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