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Saying Goodbye to a Class Act

Saying Goodbye to a Class Act

December 4, 2015

Another chapter in Bel-Con's storied history closes with the retirement of our steel crew supervisor Andy Shalla, whose career with us spanned 28 years and six months. During that time, Bel-Con completed 1,700 projects at a total cost of $238 million. Andy has been a key team member throughout and a loyal company man.

Company president Tom Gunsinger has always admired Andy's loyalty and appreciation for Bel-Con. Tom gave an example of Andy's pride in the company saying, "anytime I would say thanks to Andy, he'd typically shoot right back with 'You can't do too much for a good company'. That is one reason that Andy has been a huge part of Bel-Con's success to date. If you cut him, he'll bleed Bel-Con Orange."

Andy's pride in Bel-Con and what we all do together leads to our favourite "Andy-ism", which he often used with clients, prospective clients and the world in general when comparing Bel-Con to its competitors: "There's class, there's first class and then there's us." 

We'd like to put a different spin on that... "There's class, there's first class and then there's Andy." Thank you for everything, and we want to wish you all the very best... you deserve it!