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Fishing for Charity

Fishing for Charity

May 5, 2022

Our ongoing charity fishing tournament continues for yet another year! Same rules, same prizes. See below for details.

Don't let the BIG one get away! You could win a cash prize for the charity of your choice plus bragging rights in Bel-Con's Charity Fishing Tournament. We contracted Lucky Strike to produce some Bel-Con branded lures which we've handed out to folks we know and now we're asking you to use that lure to land a really BIG fish! If yours is the biggest you'll win one of three cash donation prizes ($500, $300, $200) for the charity of your choice.

Just follow these simple rules to play along:

  1. Catch a fish using our Bel-Con branded Lucky Strike lure.
  2. All Species are eligible but must be in season.
  3. Send a picture of the fish, along with its length and girth via: 
    Tweet to @BelConBuilds #fishforcharity
    Email to  or
    Text to Tom at 613-848-9010
  4. We'll use formulas to calculate weight, if multiple species are entered, otherwise length will be used to choose the winner.
  5. Winner will be chosen this winter and will have bragging rights along with the cash donation prize to the charity of their choice. See our past winners here.

If you'd like to fish along with us, but haven't got one of our fancy Bel-Con branded Lucky Strike lures, just get in touch with Tom and he'll set you up. Good luck, have FUN, and may the best angler win!