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Progress Continues on Deseronto Wastewater Treatment Plant

Progress Continues on Deseronto Wastewater Treatment Plant

September 18, 2015
Construction takes shape on Deseronto Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The town of Deseronto has been moving forward with their plans for upgrading and expanding their water pollution control plant. One of the unique requirements for this facility is its classification as a post-disaster facility.

Heavier framing is one of the requirements of this post disaster facility.

Buildings that are classified as post-disaster are facilities that need to survive natural disasters to continue functioning and providing services. Buildings classified under the post-disaster designation include: Fire Halls, Municipal Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Plants, and Hospitals.

To meet post-disaster building requirements, specialized construction is necessary so that facilities can withstand higher climatic loads such as snow and wind. Bel-Con was invited by the General Contractor on this project to supply and erect the structure, roof and wall systems to meet this post-disaster building requirement. This includes heavier framing, more bracing and Butler’s MR-24 Butler Standing Seam roof system. Butler Manufacturing's custom engineering design and wide choice of construction systems are well-suited to meet the unique specifications of this project. 

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