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Celebrating a Retirement, of Sorts!

Celebrating a Retirement, of Sorts!

November 2, 2015
Some of the Bel-Con team gather to wish Todd Foster all the best in his

Last Friday we hosted a retirement lunch to bid our Construction Manager, Todd Foster, a fond farewell. Todd joined Bel-Con in 1994 as a Project Co-ordinator and Draftsperson and worked his way up in the company, eventually becoming President and Construction Manager. After 21 years of service, Todd is trading in his role as the manager overseeing construction activities and construction personnel to take over management of his family's camping resort, County Shores.

The 22 acre vacation property is part of a century farm that has been in the Foster Family for over 10 generations. It sits on the south shore of Bay of Quinte and caters to campers and anglers. Todd has taken over management of County Shores from his father and, along with his wife, children and dedicated staff, will be welcoming visitors to Prince Edward County who come for some of the best Walleye fishing on the continent!

Todd shows off the County Shores t-shirt we presented him.

Of course, we're sad to see Todd go, however, we're happy to see him carry on a family tradition that offers such happy memories for so many people.

All the best Todd, you've earned it!