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Bel-Con's Tree Decorating Challenge

Bel-Con's Tree Decorating Challenge

December 1, 2017

To celebrate the season, and christen our new location, we thought we should decorate for the holidays. Then we thought, why not share some of the FUN of decorating a good, old-fashioned Christmas tree with a few other folks? One thing led to another, and before we knew it, we were throwing down the gauntlet and challenging some of our neighbour clients to a little thing we call Bel-Con's Tree Decorating Challenge!

How Does it Work?

We've purchased 11 Christmas Trees from Denmar Farms and have delivered them to the following 9 companies:

  1. Alarm Systems
  2. McIntosh Perry
  3. Hanon Plant 1
  4. Hanon Plant 2
  5. Hamilton-Smith
  6. Alliance
  7. SafeStart
  8. Triangle Fluid Controls
  9. QVSS
  10. Sprague Foods

the 11th tree is for us!

Everyone will decorate their tree and our "winners" will have a donation made on their behalf to Christmas Sharing, a local charity helping needy families have a Merry Christmas.

What Are the Stakes?

Of course the winners will have bragging rights until next year, and all others will have the satisfaction of bringing joy to those around them during this festive season.

The "prizes" will be:

  • First place ‘wins’ a donation to Christmas Sharing of $500
  • Second place ‘wins’ a donation to Christmas Sharing of $300
  • Third place ‘wins’ a donation to Christmas Sharing of $200

Declaring a Winner

Just so no one thinks we might award ourselves a prize, we've asked for an impartial panel to review the entries. Judging will be conducted by Bruce Mackay (of Mackay Insurance) and his team on behalf of Christmas Sharing.

We hope this challenge will be as much fun for spectators as it will be for those of us competing. Be sure watch for our photos of the entries on our LinkedIN and Twitter feeds, and offer your encouragement through likes, comments, and retweets.