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BIG Excitement at 2020 Butler Builder Meeting

BIG Excitement at 2020 Butler Builder Meeting

March 13, 2020

This year's Butler Builder Meeting attended by Michelle Stephens and Dean Tindale was a new format. The emphasis was more "by builders and for builders" (hence the new name "builder meeting" instead of the traditional "sales meeting"). 

The goal of this meeting, as summed up by Steven Hudgins, Butler's VP of Sales, was to "ensure Butler Builders are leveraging all of the resources made available to them through Butler Manufacturing and BlueScope Buildings". The agenda supported that with plenty of peer to peer networking, knowledge sharing, and breakout sessions to offer all Butler Builders the information and tools we can put to use right away.

Emphasizing the nature of the partnership we all have, Butler President Greg Pasley stated "I believe that Butler Builders are the best resource Butler Manufacturing has for ideas on continuous improvement because they know what works...and what will work better".

Butler Express Mezz Modular Mezzanine System

Of course, even while focusing on builders, there were still opportunities to showcase the improvements and innovations to Butler products and building systems. A couple of new introductions that excited us were increased "Classic" offerings (classic is a very basic building system that requires minimal engineering, therefore vastly decreasing delivery times). Key items featured were Insulated Metal Panels and a stand alone Butler Express Mezz System. This modular mezzanine will save time and labor on new construction and retrofit projects. Butler also introduced a new higher R-value wall panel that promises to be much easier to install, especially in colder months. It all adds up to better quality and savings for our clients, both in the short and long term!

The change in meeting format was appreciated by many. Our Sales Co-ordinator, Dean Tindale, felt the increased amount of builder interaction time and space for networking opportunities was a big plus. The only thing he missed from the new format was having a main “motivational” speaker. 

Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute statue in Austin, Texas

At least, along with all that networking, there were a few moments to do some brief sight-seeing. Both Michelle and Dean agreed that Austin is really cool. It's Stevie Ray Vaughan's home town and they had a chance to visit his tribute statue and snap a photo. 

And of course, it wouldn't be a Butler Meeting without awards! Bel-Con took home the “Outstanding Builder – East Region” award, which includes North/East Ontario all the way to the Caribbean and everything in between. This award isn't based as much on sales volumes as on effort and commitment. Builders are recognized for demonstrating that they are “all in”, incorporating Butler into every aspect of their business, sharing the same business methodology, and being a true, loyal and committed partner. 

In addition to all the photos, you can catch a little of the flavour of this year's event in this brief video (below). Pause it at 1:30 (for a shot of our award) and at 1:32 (to see Michelle and Dean). 



We look forward to another fantastic year of constructing great buildings for our clients using Butler Manufacturing's excellent pre-engineered building systems and are eager to see how next year's meeting unfolds!

Great Peer to Peer Networking at the 2020 Butler Builder Meeting
Scenes from the 2020 Butler Builder Meeting