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The Best Structural System For Wide-Span Buildings

steel building structure and roof

One of the advantages we enjoy as Butler Builders is access to pre-engineered structural systems which accommodate building design needs. For commercial and industrial buildings that require large areas of open floor space, Butler Manufacturing's Landmark 2000 structural system featuring Truss Purlin XT is ideal.

Accommodates Wide-Span Construction

Cutaway image of Butler's Landmark 2000 Structural System w/ Truss Purlin XT

By using Butler's Truss Purlins, we're able to construct buildings with up to 60' bays. That is because Butler's Landmark 2000 structural system requires less bridging and fewer footings and columns. This provides for wide, open areas in applications where space may be at a premium.

One of our most recent projects, a records storage facility for Iron Mountain in Kingston, was made possible by using Butler's Truss Purlins. You can see in the images and accompanying descriptions the advantage of using Butler Manufacturing's unique building system.

Building Construction Using Butler Truss PurlinXT

Water management pond at Iron Mountain facility Kingston, Ontario.

The spacing of Truss Purlins is tightened up in corners where the highest wind loads occur. The system can be designed to meet the most stringent Factory Mutual insurance requirements.

Water management pond at Iron Mountain facility Kingston, Ontario.

Using the Truss Purlins we can construct a nice, clean, open roof space, especially when combined with Butler’s ThermaLiner Insulation System (TLS) for the roof which utilizes a prefinished steel deck for a bright interior finish.

Water management pond at Iron Mountain facility Kingston, Ontario.

Truss Purlins have an acrylic galvanized finish which protects against corrosion and gives them a nice, bright look. Truss Purlins also allow for services, like fire protection, to be run through the roof structure.

Water management pond at Iron Mountain facility Kingston, Ontario.

The end result is a building with large open spaces – this building for Iron Mountain utilized 50’ long Truss Purlins which best suited the required layout, however, Truss Purlins can be designed to span up to 60’.

If you are in the planning stages for a facility requiring large areas of open floor space such as a retail center, aviation hangar, manufacturing plant, warehouse or distribution facility then we can help. Talk to us to find out more about building solutions such as Butler Manufacturing's Truss Purlin system.

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