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12 Ways to Green a Building pt. 4

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To finish our series, here are the final three ways you can Green Your Building by reducing your electric lighting expenses by up to 70%, ensuring your air quality is free from carcinogens, and how you can find the best solution to your green building needs.

10. Daylight Harvesting

Save on energy costs with Daylight Harvesting utilizing Butler SunLite Strips

Butler’s SunLite Strip Daylighting System is an ideal way to harness the many benefits of natural daylight. From reducing energy costs to enhancing employee productivity, here are a few examples of why SunLite Strips are good for your building:

  • Reduces electrical lighting consumption and lighting costs up to 70% when integrated with control systems design
  • Installs in 1/3 the time of curb-mounted systems, allowing for faster move-in
  • Prismatic acrylic domed technology adds up to 3 times the amount of light earlier and later in the day vs. translucent panels
  • Creates a great working environment that helps improve productivity

11. Low VOC

Volatile organic compounds (known as VOCs) are solvents that get released into the air as paint dries. They can cause acute symptoms, including headaches and dizziness. While the long-term effects are less certain, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, some VOCs are suspected carcinogens. We believe that air quality and long-term health is important to your business. That is why Butler uses only structural finishes that meet or exceed current EPA regulations.

12. The Bel-Con Solution

The best way to Green your Building is working with us, of course!

Explore the Bel-Con site to learn how you can utilize our skills, expertise and the latest innovative technologies from Butler Manufacturing to green your next building project.

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