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12 Ways to Green a Building pt. 3

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Continuing our series on ways to green a building, we’ll focus on the importance of a reliable roof system.

Often the first part of a building to show its age is the roof. Sadly, a roof is usually also out of mind until it begins to leak. Leaks can be repaired but eventually a new roof will be required.  That is why, whether, on a pre-existing roof, or a new building, we believe that our clients deserve a weathertight and worry-free roofing solution that is leagues ahead of our competition.

7. Energy Star Ratings

Butler measures and records ENERGY STAR Ratings on paint finishes.

As the international standard for energy efficient consumer products, an Energy Star rating is your assurance that a product has been designed to be as green as possible. That is why, Butler measures and records the Energy Star Ratings on all their paint finishes.

8. Sustainable Roofs

Butler has proven Sustainable Roof Systems for 38+ years!

Did you know that a Butler MR-24 roof system lasts, on average, up to twice as long as a conventional roof? Not only does it offer the maximum service life for your roof but it can save you up to 90% on roof maintenance costs.

As the industry’s first and finest standing-seam roof system, Butler’s MR-24 roof system is a proven way to green a building, offering unmatched peace of mind in any commercial or industrial building application.

9. Retrofitted Roof Systems

Retrofit Roof Systems - Butler Standing Steam Roofs can be installed over virtually any existing roof!

When retrofitting your roof, sometimes you need to eliminate the tear-off costs involved with removing your old roof, or you just want to minimize the interruption to your daily business activities. That is why a Butler Reroof System is the affordable option to replace your leaky roof. Not only can it be installed over virtually any existing roof, it is also available in a variety of energy efficient colours.

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