Thank You Tom and Michelle for 10 Great Years! | Date: 07/09/2015

Thank You Tom and Michelle for 10 Great Years!
Michelle and Tom cut the cake to celebrate their 10 years as Bel-Con owners.

Celebrating our Past, Inspiring our Future. Thank you Tom and Michelle for 10 great years as Bel-Con owners!Keeping secrets from the boss is usually frowned upon at most companies, unless it's done for a good cause. Such was the case on September 4th when our Bel-Con team surprised Tom and Michelle with an anniversary celebration marking the 10 years since they took over ownership of the company.

To mark the occasion, we presented them with a cake and a framed photo bearing the inscription “Celebrating our Past, Inspiring our Future”. Joining us for the surprise presentation were past owners Bill White, Pat White and Barry Brown. Of course, it wouldn't be a celebration without a few sparkling beverages to help us make a toast to Bel-Con Design-Builders as we look forward to another 10 years with Tom and Michelle leading the way!

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