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Next to developing a great relationship with a client, the planning, coordination and management of the design and construction process is the most vital part of a successful project. A well-managed project includes setting a budget, keeping costs in line, obtaining permits & approvals in a timely fashion and coordinating the various contractors and sub-trades to complete your building on time and on budget.

Ideally, our relationship begins early in the life of the project. This allows us to understand your needs before decisions are made that can be costly to reverse. Once we have a list of your needs we can help find and analyze the right site, review access to municipal services and even work with real estate professionals or the municipality to locate and secure a parcel of land.

With a location secured, a project concept is created and a detailed description of work is prepared along with a formal proposal and quote. When we receive approval, we then start the site plan approval process, which can take from 2 to 6 months. This phase requires coordination with the municipality and conservation authority; our team of designers, engineers and project managers are skilled at guiding projects through this process and may bring in outside experts to assist with special requirements.

Once site approvals are received, we proceed with building permit applications after which construction can get under way. We now focus on organizing the activity on the job site to ensure cooperation among the entire team, making certain that schedules, budgets and quality standards are met.

In hiring Bel-Con you have access to our 40+ years of experience in building construction in south-eastern Ontario. You’ll receive cost-efficiency, quality control and representation of your best interests.

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