Total Building Operating Cost

When it's time to build, many decisions are based solely on the construction budget. But building owners are discovering that making smart choices in their initial investment pays off over the life of the building.

Considering the impact of operating costs before construction plans are finalized allows you to focus on the Total Building Operating Cost from the start, helping you make money over the life of the building.

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It makes sense to build with long-term energy costs in mind. In a typical commercial building, about 42 percent of energy is lost through roofs, walls, floors and foundations. Collaborating with Bel-Con Design-Builders early in the process means we are able to utilize the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions for your building. Every dollar invested in efficient systems returns you $6 in energy savings - now that's ROI!

This is one more way that Butler excels - through extensive research and development, they have developed and patented roofing and wall systems designed to save energy, provide a comfortable working environment and keep maintenance and replacement costs at a minimum.


High operating costs dragging down your business? Talk to Bel-Con today about a Butler Building.

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