MR-24® Roof System


The MR-24® Roof System is one of Butler's most popular solutions for industrial roofing applications. With over 40 years of in-place, weathertight performance, this is a roofing option that has proven itself.


A standing-seam metal roof system, the MR-24 can be used for both original installations and for re-roofing. The patented system creates a 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam. The final 180 degrees is field-rolled, for superior performance and protection. Steel panels are factory-punched to ensure exact alignment for fast, accurate installation.

Available in several "cool" colors to enhance energy savings, the MR-24 roof has been proven to save up to 90% on roof maintenance costs and can accommodate additional insulation thickness depending on local conditions.

Bel-Con has been installing the MR-24® roof as long as we have been working with Butler; our knowledge of installation and maintenance of this revolutionary roof system is second to none.

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